Prospective Nursing Students

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Nursing offers graduates a variety of professional choices. University of Arkansas graduates are prepared for hospital, school, and community settings where they manage acute and chronic patient care and promote health and wellness. Nursing specialties include geriatrics, dialysis, oncology, emergency, hospice, and many others.

Nursing requires strong emotional, intellectual, and physical capabilities. Students who are admitted to the program are expected to possess the following abilities and skills:

  • Critical thinking, problem solving, and the ability to generate hypotheses
  • Strong psychomotor skills and a capacity to reason, analyze, synthesize, and work independently of others
  • Exceptional communication skills with patients and staff
  • Exemplary social skills, a quick-thinking and empathetic nature, and the ability to maintain calm during emergency situations


Students interested in nursing will be admitted to the University of Arkansas as pre-nursing majors. Admission to the Eleanor Mann School of Nursing requires an application in addition to the application to the University of Arkansas. Admission is competitive.

All prerequisite coursework for a fall admission into the Professional Program of Study in Nursing must be completed by the end of the preceding spring semester with the exception of the three pre-nursing courses (NURS 2012, NURS 2022, NURS 2032), which may be taken in the summer session prior to entering the program of study in the fall. All coursework for spring admission must be completed by the end of the preceding fall semester prior to entering the Professional Program of Study in Nursing (BSN Admission Policy). Students who are conditionally accepted into the nursing program must maintain a GPA that is at or above the cut-off GPA within the accepted cohort.

The General B.S.N. application cycles for the Eleanor Mann School of Nursing are as follows:

Application Period  UA Transcript Deadline      EMSON Admission Expected Decision
Fall: Nov.1 - Nov. 15 Jan. 15 Early March
Spring: April 1 - April 15      Aug. 15 Early October


Application cycle for the Eleanor Mann School of Nursing RN-BSN Online Program is as follows:

Application Period     UA Application Deadline    EMSON Admission Deadline
 Fall  July 1  July 15
 Spring  Nov. 1  Nov. 15


FAQs for Current University of Arkansas Pre-Nursing Students and Prospective Freshmen

FAQs for Prospective Transfer Students 

The application is posted on the Forms page for the School of Nursing.

The professional course of study starts the semester in which students are admitted to the program, and usually requires 4 full semesters or 2 years to complete. Upon graduation, the graduates are prepared to provide culturally sensitive care to clients through the roles of caregiver, teacher, and manager in a variety of settings to:

  • Use critical thinking in making clinical judgments to deliver holistic nursing care
  • Use theory and research-based knowledge to improve delivery of nursing care to meet health care needs of individuals, families, and communities
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate health-related education based on assessed needs
  • Apply information and health care technologies to assess, monitor, and support clients, families, and communities
  • Design, manage, and coordinate health care for individuals, families, and communities
  • Use ethical principles in nursing practice, conduct, and relationships with clients
  • Identify with the values of the profession and incorporate them into practice