FAQs for Prospective Transfer Students

1) Can you tell me how my classes will transfer?

All official decisions on transfer course equivalency are made by the University of Arkansas Registrar's Office, in order to create cohesion across campus. Students wishing to transfer may utilize the Registrar's Course Equivalency Guide to determine how their coursework may transfer. Advisors can assist you in looking at the guide, but our opinions on how your courses could transfer are not binding.

2) When should I apply to the university as a whole?

You should go ahead and apply to the university as soon as you know you want to come here. As part of that process, you will submit transcripts of all your coursework done at this point, which will then be evaluated for course equivalency by the Registrar's Office. This Transfer Equivalency Report is the official record of how your classes will transfer, and makes it easier for advisors to review your previous coursework with you. Additionally, the sooner your application is in the system, the sooner it will process. Full admission to the nursing program is contingent on your admissibility to the University of Arkansas.

3) My application to the university is still processing. Can I submit an application to the Eleanor Mann School of Nursing?

Yes, but please know that full admission to the program is contingent on your acceptance to the University. You must still submit all application materials by the stated deadlines.

4) I just realized I want to transfer, but I missed the deadline for the semester I want to start the nursing school in.  Can you make an exception?

Unfortunately, no. The way our admissions process is structured, we must enforce deadlines in order to give students an admissions decision on a timely basis.

5) Can I take all my pre-requisites elsewhere and come to the nursing school?

Pre-nursing students currently enrolled at the UA will be ranked according to points (GPA; science grades, more points if taken at UA 4 year school; plus percentage of classes taken here on our campus). Transfer students will be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis.

6) I took Anatomy and Physiology at my old school, but this isn't transferring to the University of Arkansas. Why?

At the University of Arkansas, we teach Human Anatomy (BIOL 2443/2441L) and Human Physiology (BIOL 2213/2211L) as two separate courses. To make sure your course work has covered all of these two subjects, we require students taking combined Anatomy and Physiology classes to take both A&PI and A&P II at the same school for them to transfer.

7) Something I took transferred in strangely. What are my options?

Depending on what the class is, you have the option of submitting the course with catalog descriptions or syllabuses to the registrar for re-evaluation, or asking the nursing school for a program modification. Please contact the advising staff for assistance.

Deborah Henderson

Elizabeth McKinley

8) The school I was attending didn't require me to take a  pre-requisite course you do. Do I have to take it? Why?

Our program is structured to meet licensure guidelines, university policies, and state laws regarding degree composition. If a course is specifically required, you will have to complete that course to be eligible for our nursing school.

9) I am an international student. Can I attend the nursing school? Will my coursework transfer?

International students are admissible to the nursing program, provided you are admissible to the University of Arkansas as an institution. Any TOEFL-related requirements of your admissions will need to be met for our program. How your coursework will transfer is determined by International Admissions and the Registrar. We encourage you to contact the International Admissions Office for more information, and to provide them with as much information about your previous coursework (transcripts and course descriptions) as possible.